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Why aren’t any of these damned body parts labeled?!

"Let the healing begin," or "Time to die!" You decide.

"Let the healing begin," or "Time to die!" You decide.

Having undergone a couple of surgeries myself, I’m pretty sure that what just happened in Minnesota is probably a lot more common than the medical community would like us to believe. Really, is it just me, or is surgery perhaps the grandest example of how messed up human behavior can sometimes be? Sure, it’s miraculous and it saves lives and all that rubbish, but imagine an alien race observing our typical medical procedure and the impression we’re giving: a masked stranger drugs an unwell, often terrified victim patient, then slices into him or her with a knife, takes a gooey hunk of innards out, tosses it into a pan to be looked at later at his convenience, and sews or staples the flesh together again. And you have to pay to have this done to you! I think I’m well within my rights when I say, with all sincerity, “Ew,” and, just for good measure, “AGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”


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  1. * Michael says:

    I have advocated the installation of a zipper at birth, just in case. Well, you do know, that eventually they’re going to need to get in there and tweak things up a little, so why not?

    Posted 9 years ago

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