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Alpha Inventions and the Guilt Trip

Gosh, Alpha Inventions is just such a lovely place, isn’t it? Just stick your little blog address into their randomizer and watch the hits roll in! I credit the site with enabling both my somewhat obsessive blogging addiction as well as contributing to a rather obscene increase in readership over the last month or so.

There is one minor problem with the site, though: it’s made for all kinds of blogs, not just bits of fluff, goof, and absurdity like mine. (I’m actually trying to find other blogs like mine and am failing. I attribute this to my incurable oddness and the fact that other people have lives.) I enjoy nearly all the blogs featured on the site, but many of them are very serious in nature, dealing with politics, or religion, or the economy, or really anything of substantive value, none of which, frankly, you’re going to find much of here. I can’t help but look at my site with its bizarre and inexplicable devotion to my cheesy, unfinished novel, puggles, stupid news stories, and the occasional obscenity-filled rant and be a little embarrassed. I feel as if my site is a little, oh, I don’t know, silly? Is silly the right word? Perhaps morbidly inane, pointless, buffoonery? A prime example of a good education wasted on utter rubbish? Authored by a barely literate hack with unmedicated ADHD and chronic, self-obsessed neuroticism?


Anyway, if you have a blog and would like an increase in readership, Alpha Inventions is the way to go. I do love the site, even if it does fill me with shame, but, really, what doesn’t these days?!


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  1. If you’re being self-depricating to attract praise it’s worked in this case. I think i’ll put you on my blogroll. Oh no!!

    Posted 9 years ago
  2. * justjera says:

    I found your blog through alpha inventions which somehow found my blog. I’m trying to understand it, but being both computer and internet impaired, I don’t. I have found that when I click on alpha inventions, my own hits soar; however, it seems to be just that – hits. I can’t see where anyone is actually reading anything, as there are no comments or under titles the views listed are far less than the views under the referrer. I have also noted that firefox has crashed 2 or 3 times when I left their site on. I can’t remember this ever happening before.
    Just clueless.

    Posted 9 years ago
  3. * J. says:

    There are lotsa blogs like yours! Like mine for instance 🙂 Or this other very cute blog I found through alphainventions: http://mrtweeds.wordpress.com/. So don’t worry. There’s lots of us out there who write a blog mentioning aplhainventions when we get lonely 😀 Just keep on blogging babe, you’re in my favorites!

    Posted 9 years ago
  4. * J. says:

    PS: love the cute comment avatars! Where’d you get those?

    Posted 9 years ago
  5. * WeeklyShocks says:

    Aw, shucks, thanks J. *blushes profusely*

    I wish I could take credit for the totally awesome avatars, but they’re actually just a feature of WordPress blogs. A very cool feature, too!

    Thanks for both your blog link and Mr Tweeds!

    Posted 9 years ago
  6. * jrofop says:

    I felt that way when I first visited WordPress…like, these are all professional blogs, intelligent, successful people, with really important and stoic things to write about. Fortunately, I’ve found folks like you on here (I don’t mean it to be taken in the wrong way, please) that I can relax and feel comfortable “being around”. AlphaInventions is pretty cool for building up my confidence, even though I realize that it’s just page viewings while I’m in the reading cycle. But I’m lovin’ your stuff…please keep it up…obviously there are others like myself that appreciate your kind of blogging.

    Posted 9 years ago
  7. Glad to see you all benefiting from alphainventions.com I’m always making it easier for you all, so stop by more often.

    Posted 8 years, 6 months ago

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