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The Things You Learn While Blogging

I’ve been at this blogging thing for just under two months now. In the process, I’ve discovered you can learn some pretty odd things about people’s Internet behavior. WordPress has a nifty little tool that tells you the phrases or words people enter into search engines that somehow lead them to your blog. I love this feature. Since starting Weekly Shocks, people have found my little home on the intrawebs by searching for “The Popemobile,” crazy people [in] Oxford,  tapeworms, “New England and bitching,” and – my personal favorite – “drunk while marking.” You folks are strange and wonderful and I love you for all your odd, Internet-abusing ways.

More recently, though, I’ve come across a bit of a search engine mystery. In the past day, someone has found this blog seven times by searching for the word ‘puggle.’ (I assume it’s one person who, for whatever reason, is fixated on the strange but adorable creatures.) Bemused and mildly paranoid that the one photo of a puggle I had on the site belonged to an enraged and overly-protective owner who now had my home address and lots of firearms, I got rid of the picture, and replaced it with an equally charming photo of a beagle. However, this doesn’t seem to be deterring the mysterious and dedicated Internet user, as another two ‘puggle’ hits were recorded on my blog today. Huh. Completely flummoxed, I googled the word ‘puggle’ myself, and went through, literally, twelve pages of hits before giving up, never once finding a reference to my blog. How in the hell is this person finding me? If you care to reveal yourself, dear reader, I promise many photos of puggles for your enjoyment, so long as you show me whatever magic trick you’re employing in landing here. I sense you have mighty powers. JOIN ME!


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  1. * Mr. Puggle says:

    Hi! just skimmed through your posts. you are a witty writer. i am gonna have to look up “Flummoxed.” i don’t think i ever used that word before. 🙂

    i found your blog today because i use “Google Alerts.” you dump any word you want into google alerts and google will send you a report about the word. you can choose instant, daily, or weekly reports. since i have a puggle and a puggle business i have a daily “Puggle Google Alert.” today, your blog showed up bc you used the word puggle. tomorrow this very reply i am writing will show up. maybe that is how people are finding you? you can make your own google alert for “weekly shock blog.”

    i don’t believe i have been to your blog before but i do visit blogs when the word puggle shows up. i don’t think i am your stalker? just to set your mind at ease, you can check out my websites. it contains my business info. and oh, if you ever need a picture of a puggle i would gladly send you one of mr. puggle. there are lots on his blog. funny ones. he is a really whacky dog.

    when you did your google search, did you check images? maybe they are hitting on you under images? did the puggle pic you have up have the world puggle in the name? since my dog is being trademarked, i occasionally google puggle and then click images? maybe that is how the stalker found you?

    have a good week end! happy blogging. jennifer-the lady that feeds mr. puggle


    Posted 9 years ago
  2. * Mr. Puggle says:

    i just wrote you a reply but now i don’t see it? maybe you approve them first? here is a copy of the google alert i get. it comes in html so this text version looks funky. hope this helps. 🙂 jennifer

    Google Blogs Alert for: Puggle

    CoCo the Puggle: Back to the Grid-Iron!
    By CoCo
    I know that every pup out there have probably received their “friend award” already, but I would like to give this Friendly Award to Sparky and Patches, Zoe the Puggle, Bumbler the Puggle, Preston the Puggle, Amber-Mae and friends. …
    CoCo the Puggle – http://cocothepuggle.blogspot.com/

    The Things You Learn While Blogging « Weekly Shocks’ Blog
    By WeeklyShocks
    In the past day, someone has found this blog seven times by searching for the the word ‘puggle.’ (I assume it’s one person who, for whatever reason, is fixated on the strange but adorable creatures.) Bemused and mildly paranoid that the …
    Weekly Shocks’ Blog – https://weeklyshocks.wordpress.com/

    PUGnetwork: The Pug Picnic
    By Sandra y Coco
    “Working With The Snuggle Puggle”. “Working With The Snuggle Puggle”. My Bloggy Friends. Outside the Lines · Friday Naptime. 10 minutes ago. “Multum In Parvo”…with a Cinnabon tail · Dish helper. 2 hours ago. Eduardo The Snuggle Puggle …
    PUGnetwork – http://pugnetwork.blogspot.com/

    Posted 9 years ago

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