Weekly Shocks' Blog

Slow Day

Today’s weather was really rather nice, so, as a result, I spent most of the day inside, with the curtains drawn, avoiding the sun and human interaction. You know, the usual. I’m also way behind on my thesis, a fact that is starting to make me even more shrilly neurotic than usual, therefore extracurricular activities are being somewhat curtailed. My supervisor is an absolutely wonderful man who puts up with way too much shoddy writing from me as is, so I really need to channel more of my sub par talent into my academic work than into my wildly popular piddly blog. But thanks a bunch to those of you who are reading Weekly Shocks. I’m not really sure why you’re reading the damn thing, but it’s lots of fun for me to write it, and hopefully you don’t need to run for a toilet after your viewings.

Speaking of toilet, check out this site. It’s insidiously brilliant. Most of the photos in it are horrible and disgusting and you can actually feel your arteries clog just by looking at them. But then you run across something like this –



…and the drool pools off your chin and your stomach demands to be filled now and you remember that Satan works in subtle and mysterious ways. Damn that fiery bastard and his chocolatey, deep fried goodness.


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