Weekly Shocks' Blog

Perhaps you should rethink your plot structure.

I tend to obsess over my writing, or, more precisely, over my words.  I figure most plots are fairly unoriginal and derivative anyway, so if the writing is going to be any good, the building blocks of the story really need to pop. Despite all my time-wasting obsessiveness, however, I’m not even that great a writer, and, what’s worse, my plots tend to snap under the dead weight of excruciatingly constructed puns, similes, and metaphors. Still, I persevere in this line of writing because I’m also a bit of a masochist and I don’t think a story is really done until I’ve tortured the language of  the damn thing into Guantanamo Bay-like submission. Ritual humiliation, chronic starvation, the occasional water-boarding, and a good, well-timed leadpipe beating: that’s what makes a plot move forward and the story sing!

Anyway, this is all just a rather belabored set-up for a comic I got sent today and find especially amusing. And profound. And heavy. It, like, really speaks to me, man. Like, woah.




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