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I’m so proud of the work I do.

You know, there are good reasons why I never wanted to become an actor, besides the fact that I can’t act. Well, that and the smashed-up mug shot of me that will inevitably appear all over the internet after I try to assault a camera man with a 6-inch stiletto heel when he photographs me snorting lines of coke off the windshield of my Hummer limo.

Regardless. I was babysitting my seven-year-old niece a couple of days ago watching something with her called The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, which, as near as I can make out, is about a couple of apishly annoying pre-pubescent twin boys who live in a hotel and break the law with impunity. I do so love the Disney Channel. Anyway, about halfway into the program, this guy turned up:

Oh, the things we do for a paycheck. What makes it worse, though, is that this guy also happens to be the same actor who plays the brilliantly psychotic Dr Hooch on Scrubs:

You just know this poor dope, who is clearly very talented and very, very funny, is going to have to give an interview someday in which he expresses heartfelt thanks to the producers of Zack and Cody for taking a chance on him, giving him the opportunity to work with innovative, talented young moppets in a creative and invigorating environment.

Enervating and very, very sad. I’ll stick to writing cheesy blog posts: that’s where the real creative freedom lies, right, not to mention lots and lots of cash! BOOYAH.


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